IAH MAR Commission Newsletter. 2024 January-February Newsletter (in English)

IAH MAR Commission Newsletter. 2024 January-February Newsletter

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  • Managed Aquifer Recharge. A key to sustainability
  • Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR-1)
  • IAH´s December Newsletter
  • ISMAR 12. Organizers “have informed” the preliminary stage has begun
  • IMMINENT: Second International Conference on “Water Resources Management and Sustainability: Solutions for Arid Regions”, 26-28 February 2024, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • 2024 BSMAR Symposium. Arizona, April 3-6
  • 4th International Conference on Earth Sciences and Recycling Waste Management Technologies (ICESRWT-2024)” is going to be held at Dubai on June 12-13, 2024
  • IAH 2024 Conference. Davos, Switzerland. September. Abstracts deadline: February 29th
  • EGU24 session HS1.1.3 Approaches and technical perspectives to combine flood protection and drought reduction. Abstracts deadline 10 January 2024
  • Geological Society of America conference in Anaheim, CA, 2024, September
  • MAR news MARSOLut project. Two new thesis on MAR have been defended successfully
  • Position for MAR work at University of California, Davis
  • Position for MAR work at LNEC Lisbon (Portugal). Applications until 12 February 2024.
  • Guarani aquifer Decree. Acordo Sobre o Aquífero Guarani (in Portuguese)
  • MAR in the MEDIA
  • Whatsapp group on Aquifer Recharge Management
  • Previous IAH-MAR Newsletters
  • IAH-MAR Commission on Twitter
  • IAH-MAR Commission´s sister Web sites


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