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ISMAR 8. Workshop 6: MAR to MAR-ket. Descripción detallada del Workshop y presentación del proyecto MAR-SOLutions

Organización e impartición (compartida y gratuita) del Workshop 6: “MAR to MAR-ket. Strategies to bring Managed Aquifer Recharge technique to the industry. Some examples for European countries developed by three EU founded projects”. Por Enrique Fernández Escalante; Christoph Sprenger & Adriana Palma


El Workshop fue promovido por Tragsa y colaboraron la KWB de Berlín y la UNAM de México. Contó con 16 asistentes de 11 países distintos, además de los ponentes. Se presentaron varios ejemplos y debatió acerca de cómo acercar la técnica MAR a la industria y de dónde viene el concepto “MAR to MARket”. Un resumen del mismo se encuentra en una de las ponencias orales del simposio.


En el Workshop se llevó a cabo una presentación pública detallada del proyecto MAR-SOLutions (FP 7, Water Inno-Demo Call).


A continuación se presenta su programa y descripción detallada y las principales conclusiones alcanzadas, en el idioma oficial del simposio y, por ende, del Workshop.



This free and half day interactive workshop intends showing how some European, Israeli and Mexican Institutions are carrying out different techniques to involve industry in water management, most of them with an important D&TT (Dissemination and Technology Transfer) amount of activities and materials, taking notice of the importance of recharged aquifers for future industry advance in a broad range of branches.



Different lines of action an examples will be provided, related to, at least, these industry sectors:


-Waste water treatment plants dealers

-Desalination agents

 -Water bottled and refreshments companies

-Golf courses

- SPAs

-Specific governmental institutions

Each project will show their own strategy and lines of actions regarding MAR D&TT activities.



The workshop is divided in four sessions. Each of them will be carried out by a representative of an European Union founded project, MAR-SOL and DEMEAU (FP7) and DINA-MAR (SUDOE). There is also an invited teacher to show the activities accomplished in another framework and another part of the world, providing an example for the South of United States and Mexico.


The workshop program includes:


·         Introduction. All attendees

·         Context. What is MAR to MAR-ket?. Enrique Fernández Escalante

·         MAR-SOLutions project. Strategies to bring MAR technique to industry. EFE / project coordinator/other project representative?.

·         DEMEAU project. How is MAR widespread in Europe & how can help industry and administrations to trust in MAR and in its benefits? Christoph Sprenger

·         Discussion – All attendees

·         Break- Networking


·         DINA-MAR project. Techniques applied to MAR on Dissemination and Technology Transfer, D&TT, & examples for activities & materials. Enrique Fernández Escalante

·         MAR to MARket out of EU. Example. Adriana Palma

·         Questions and discussion. Collective summary & photo. All attendees



·         Dr. Enrique Fernández Escalante, with 23 years experience in hydrogeology, the last 14 dedicating most of his time to MAR projects and activities. Member of MAR-SOL project and coordinator of DINA-MAR.

·         Dr. Christoph Sprenger, researcher in the Berlin Centre of Competence for Water (KWB), Watercycle Research Institute, leader ins. of Demeau project.

·         Dr. Adriana Palma. Teacher in the Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM), in charge of North Mexico projects.




Las conclusiones de este Workshop más relevantes han sido (en inglés, idioma oficial del congreso)





Main “Ideas-force” extracted from the workshop:


·         One key element is to strengthen the connection among involved agents in the industry and in MAR research, by means of multiple channels of macro and micro dissemination.

·         An important effort to avoid duplicating tasks must be accomplished.

·         It is important to get on well and create a confidence environment within the frame of the spreading out procedure from MAR developers to industry, so as to get maximum results.

·         Inventories on experiences should include economical aspects as well as maintenance and cleaning works and costs.

·         Technological solutions must be shared among the different agent involved world while.

·         Each specific intervention in an industry must count on the business plan. An effort must be paid on integrating MAR schemes within water management for each industry from the very same initial business plan.

·         It is important to take into account all the regulations affecting the different branches of the industry.

·         Economic development must be sustainable and success examples must be disseminated accordingly to the technology transfer procedure.

·         It is important to compare MAR technique with some other integrated water resources management for each target industry branch. MAR nodes should be included into the topological schemes for water management at different scales.

·         Specific problems found in the Dissemination and technology transfer procedure must be collected and put together in order to face up future problems according to the MAR developers´ expertise.

·         It should be important to collect the most important experiences into a book to be written within the frame of IAH MAR WG.


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