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MARSOL Workshop "Water to Market. Financial and Economic Analysis of MAR Solutions", Venice, Italy, 6. June 2016

 This workshop on financial and economic aspects of MAR operations has taken place on 6. June 2016, the day before starting the international conference on Citizen Observatories for Water Management, Venice, 7 - 9 June

 The workshop featured presentations and discussions around MAR-related topics such as economical and financial issues and possible market potentials. Based on a survey of MARSOL's demonstration sites, their financial profitability and sustainability will be analysed, and an assessment of hypothetical larger scale projects will be attempted.

 The Rio Brenta demonstration sites was visited by the participants, and the monitoring system, modeling activities, and respective results were presented.

As usually, the conference might be attended by externals upon request to MARSOL coordinator by Email across MARSOL web site.

 Workshop agenda - updated 24.04.2016 (external link to MARSOL web site)


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