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Some actions arising from ISMAR9 (en inglés)

Call to Action on Groundwater Management – Sustainable Groundwater Management Directives, a three page summary is an outcome of workshops at ISMAR9 and further refined by a working group is now mounted in English and Spanish on the ISMAR9 web site: It will be very useful if talking to government staff, politicians or communities to enhance groundwater management.


There is now also a new map of MAR in Mexico on the ISMAR9 website.


Unreviewed poster papers are found at P-ISMAR9 on the Dina-Mar website  along with available powerpoints of oral papers


A brief summary report on ISMAR9 was in IAH Newsletter, August 2016 (page 19 under Commissions and Networks)


The notes of the IAH-MAR plenary session at ISMAR9 have been uploaded to the revised IAH-MAR web site which will soon be made live. The same is true of notes of the IAH-MAR plenary at 43rd IAH Congress, Montpellier, Sept 2016.


Inputs sent by Peter Dillon, 2016 nov.



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