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The Water Ways. Three hydrogeological routes in Segovia province (Spain). ITINERARY GUIDE (Ebook)


The Three Water Ways or “Caminitos de Agua” is a series of hydro-geological routes which allow us to discover three areas of great hydro-geological and environmental interest, all of them located in Segovia: La Cubeta de Santiuste, El Carracillo District and the gallery of Carbonero el Mayor.


To this day, the term “hydro-geological routes” has not been used, neither in existing legislation, nor in the terminology used for trekking at the public spaces of the Autonomous Communities. Therefore, this could very well be the “first” experience to put forward this term and give the deserved importance both to hydrogeology, in general, and to the technique for the Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR), in particular.


Every route offers different options, which depend on the duration and availability of time, ranging from a few hours to several days. If the visitors want to see all the sights, a tight schedule of at least three days should be enough.


The sights have been selected based on different criteria: hydro-geological, environmental, cultural and educational-interpretative interest.


Every “Water Way” is presented with a brief description and reviews on the location, accessibility (buses, tour buses, four-wheel drives, and even walking) as well as general advice on specific material, in the case of exercise or undertaking interpretation tasks. There is also a ranking on a scale from 1 to 5 based on singularity and hydro-geological interest.


In order to get more information, the routes have an “Itinerary Guide” as well as a “Interpretation Guide”, the latter one delves into the technical side of the routes. The first is released right now as Ebook, the second is actually in press.


The coordinates of the sights have been compiled in a waypoint format, compatible with any GPS. These files can be downloaded here.



Printable pannel format:

The three ways pannel printable version (jpg, 1,67 mb)

GPS file (right buttom)


Printable Ebook format:

Download Ebook Caminitos de agua-itinerary (pdf, 2,36 mb)


 Interpretation Guide cover (in press)


Printed copies of both publications are available on


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