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  El martes 15 de Octubre se inicia el principal congreso internacional de gestión de la recarga de acuíferos, ISMAR 8 (International Symposium on Managed Aquifer Recharge), hasta el 19 en Beijing (China).   En esta ocasión contamos con la participación de DINA-MAR en el comité científico y en la organización del Workshop 6.   El programa definitivo puede ser consultado aquí   Más info en la Web del Simposio.      Ismar 8. We include a notice from IAH MAR WG coordinators: Most of the preparatives are ready for 8th International Symposium on Managed Aquifer Recharge, ISMAR8, Beijing 15-19 Oct 2013. Provisional agenda is available at: There are six workshops available for the first day. DINA-MAR team is participating in the scientific committee and in the workshop 6. Further info is available on the Internet and from the organising committee at:  This will be a brilliant conference in a place where managed aquifer recharge is demonstrated to have a potentially huge impact on water resources.  In addition to papers on the many advances in technical and scientific areas the IAH Commission on Managing Aquifer Recharge is very keen to also attract papers on; economics of MAR, policies that encourage groundwater replenishment,   managing aquifer recharge in cities, MAR as a buffer against climate change and MAR in karst aquifers. (The last two will be sessions jointly chaired with IAH Commissions on Groundwater and Climate Change and Karst Hydrogeology.) This, the premier international conference in a field of growing endeavour is held only once each three years.  We are confident that planning to attend and submitting an abstract will be an excellent investment for you and your organisation.  We encourage you to also forward on this email to others who could submit interesting papers or who would benefit from knowing about this conference.  

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