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Natural Water Retention Measures. Restoration of natural infiltration to groundwater

Nueva publicación en el marco del proyecto NWRM. Adjuntamos resumen y referencia a una nueva publicación directamente relacionada con la técnica MAR y especialmente con “Restoration of natural infiltration to groundwater” llevada a cabo por IMDEA Agua (en inglés).

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 NWRM platform gathers information on NWRM at EU level. From their page you can browse NWRM related concepts, access the practical guide that will help you find your way to implement NWRM, or directly access the different products: synthesis documents, catalogue of measures, case studies.

New release: Restoration of natural infiltration to groundwater


Groundwater is the part of infiltrated water which composes the water resource for population and human activities.  Previous modifications of the landscape have reduced the infiltration capacity of many European soils, thereby limiting the rate at which precipitation is able to infiltrate and recharge groundwater aquifers. Restoration of natural infiltration to groundwater enables a lowering of run-off from surrounding land, and enhances the condition of groundwater aquifers and water availability. The natural cleaning processes associated with infiltration can improve water quality. This measure can also be known as “Artificial Groundwater Recharge” in the engineering literature.

Mechanisms to restore or enhance natural infiltration capacity include:

(i) surface structures to facilitate/augment recharge (such as soakaways and infiltration basins);

(ii) subsurface indirect recharge – infiltration capacity is enhanced through wells drilled within the unsaturated zone; and

(iii) subsurface direct recharge – infiltration and recharge of the groundwater aquifer is accomplished through wells reaching the saturated zone.


Fuente: Estefanía Ibáñez (IMDEA Water)

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