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Nueva publicación sobre MAR y benchmarking (en inglés) / Benchmarks evolution, pooling and practical results. MARSOL deliverable 13.4

Nuevo deliverable que,  por su extensión, alcanza la categoría de libro, y que aborda una temática escasamente contemplada en la literatura hidrogeológica: el uso de comparadores o benchmarks para recarga gestionada o Managed Aquifer Recharge.

Introducción (en inglés): The main objective of this deliverable is to report the benchmarking results and to study and analyse the evolution of the diverse sets of benchmarks adopted for each demonstration site, in order to compare all of them so as to obtain some series of settings and common circumstances willing to be applied in other Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) schemes as practical recommendations. The deliverable includes all the different benches and indicators adopted and evaluated and their pooling, with specific trends obtained for the main groups of indicators and benchmarks evaluated during the project´s development. Regarding the envisaged objectives, the report presents how the different industry branches for some demonstration sites have been involved and mobilized and their degree of dependence on MAR technique in their water supply related schemes. The results demonstrate that MAR represents a strategic solution, in some cases unique, to combat water scarcity and extreme water related events adverse effects, paying special attention on droughts (the key is the storage). Objective 4 (to evaluate implemented technologies at the MARSOL demonstration sites) is performed by means of benches and indicators; objective 5 (to propose effective strategies to integrate MAR techniques and associated designs into water system) has been developed essentially in deliverables D13.1 and D13.3, and the appraisal and comparison are carried out in Sections 5 and 6 where the evaluation of implemented technologies are considered, proposing elements to be taken into account in future Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) plans...

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