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Updated MAR regulations and quality standards in different countries request

DINA-MAR starts searching and compiling regulations from different countries regarding Managed Aquifer Recharge quality standards; we are in special interested in those tables with limits for biological, chemical, physical... parameters required to be allowed to perform MAR activities.

Although we are aware there are many works already done, as ASCE publications and different articles, we still miss a site where all "updated" regulations be put together and comparisons among different countries be accessible to access info quickly by means of tables...

 That is why we request help from you: Could you please send us your specific country´s regulations and the tables where MAR water quality standards are regulated?. We´ll share the received info, after processing, by means of dina-mar website and other IAH official channels.

 Please, email us your country´s laws or info to

 Thank you very much for your help and attention

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