IAH MAR Commission Newsletter. 2023 October-November (en inglés)

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Attached some MAR and MAR-related news for 2023 October-November (24-page newsletter). The most important: preparations for ISMAR 12 have begun…


  • Managed Aquifer Recharge. A key to sustainability special issue has finished!
  • Critical review. Agricultural managed aquifer recharge (Ag-MAR)—a method for sustainable groundwater management.
  • No58 Serie comunicacional CRHIAM recarga de aguas subterráneas (Chile, in Spanish)
  • Groundwater Governance in Pakistan: An Emerging Challenge.
  • Beijing declaration on water after the IWRA 18 international conference, 2023, September
  • ISMAR 12. The IAH-MAR´s main conference is approaching
  • 50th IAH congress. Cape Town, South Africa. September 18th to 22nd. Specific MAR session
  • Western Groundwater Congress
  • MEWAC-FEMAR Project-Workshop on Managed Aquifer Recharge & Riverbank Filtration
  • Hybrid workshop. Nature-based solutions in the real world. Application, case studies and market perspectives.
  • Second International Conference on “Water Resources Management and Sustainability: Solutions for Arid Regions”, 26-28 February 2024, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • AGU Fall 2023 meeting. Dec. 11 – 15, 2023. San Francisco
  • The next BSMAR Symposium will take place in Arizona from April 3-6, 2024! Call for abstracts
  • IWRA conference. 1st Islands Water Congress. Call for abstracts open
  • Arizona WRRC 2024 Annual Conference
  • IAH 2024 Conference. Davos, Switzerland
  • Workshop: Groundwater Monitoring in the context of Climate Change
  • CIS Madrid workshop and Plenary (October 9-11)
  • Integrating Surface Water Management and Managed Aquifer Recharge: Case Study from a USACE-OCWD Partnership
  • 2023 Flood-MAR Forum on Nov. 7-8
  • Lessons Learned in Stormwater Capture and Groundwater Recharge in 2022-2023
  • GRA has organized the San Joaquin Valley branch meeting
  • Webinar on transboundary groundwater in America (in Spanish)
  • River Basin Management Plan (RBMP) project
  • Benchmark MAR in Europe. MARWAL project has closed their survey, but welcomes future inputs
  • MAR2protect project
  • Exciting news from San Bernardino Valley, California
  • Position for MAR work at Granada University (Spain) (in Spanish)
  • MAR news from the US
  • Still more MAR news. Now from California
  • Huarpe daily newspaper. Crisis hídrica en San Juan: proponen reutilizar aguas grises para recargar los acuíferos (in Spanish)
  • Still facing terminological concerns on MAR
  • Changes in the MAR Mexican Law
  • Spanish Groundwater Action Plan recently published. Unfortunately MAR has been considered very scarcely
  • MAR and Water harvesting in Huaytara, Peru
  • More information on MAR from Pakistan . Rooftop rain-harvestiing for MAR
  • LunchMAR | FloodMAR Implementation at Terranova Ranch (Oct 2023)
  • El Carracillo MAR system. Castile and Leon, Spain. 3rd stage (in Spanish)
  • MARSOL project website will close shortly
  • Whatsapp group on Aquifer Recharge Management
  • Previous IAH-MAR Newsletters
  • IAH-MAR Commission on Twitter
  • IAH-MAR Commission´s sister Web sites
  • IAH MAR Commission Forum

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