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Publicado Nuevo trabajo de MARSOL en el Journal Sustainable Water Resources Management (SWARM)

“Characterization and benchmarking of seven managed aquifer recharge systems in south-western Europe”

  • J. San-Sebastián-SautoEmail author
  • E. Fernández-Escalante
  • R. Calero-Gil
  • T. Carvalho
  • P. Rodríguez-Escales 

The European MARSOL project includes different examples of managed aquifer recharge (MAR) facilities in the Mediterranean area. A methodical characterization of the whole recharge process has been carried out to ensure that all functions and facilities are clearly comparable independent of size, budget or location….


This article has been developed and written within the framework of the MARSOL project (Demonstrating Managed Aquifer Recharge as a Solution to Water Scarcity and Drought FP7,, GA 119120), financed by the European Commission and Tragsa Group.

The article is part of the special issue on ISMAR 9 Managed Aquifer Recharge.

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