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ACTUALIZACIÓN / UPDATE. Libros sobre la técnica MAR (repositorio) Más de 100 libros / MAR books repository. More than 100 free books on MAR. April 2021

ACTUALIZACIÓN/UPDATE. Libros sobre la técnica MAR (repositorio) Más de 100 libros / MAR books repository. More than 100 free books on MAR. April 2021


Proseguimos con la recopilación de aquellos libros de hidrogeología, especialmente aquellos dedicados a la técnica MAR, que se encuentran disponibles gratuitamente en Internet.

Se trata de un repositorio para que los técnicos interesados puedan reunir una biblioteca sobre MAR a la que poder acudir a resolver consultas.

El repositorio incluye una serie de vídeos y de links a páginas web que, en general, constituyen las fuentes de información y los lugares de descarga de las publicaciones.

El repositorio tiene carácter abierto y cualquier contribución será bienvenida, a través del Email

Entendemos por libro una publicación que excede las 50 páginas. Para artículos y documentos de menor extensión hay bases de datos específicas.

Agradeciendo de antemano su participación, y con el deseo de que resulte de utilidad, reciban un cordial saludo.

El equipo del proyecto DINA-MAR.



We keep gathering those books of hydrogeology specially dedicated to MAR technique which are available for free on the Internet. It's a repository for technicians and practitioners where they could meet a library to attend their inquiries.

The repository includes a series of videos and links to web pages which, in general, constitute the information sources and the sites where the publications were produced.

The repository is open to everyone and any contribution will be welcome, emailing to:

We understand for a book a publication exceeding 50 pages. There are other specific databases for articles and documents of lesser extent.

We thank in advance your participation. Wishing it will be useful for IAH MAR members and technicians receive our salutes.

The DINA-MAR team.


MAR BOOKS REPOSITORY: Updated 2021 April 26th



2002-2012, una década de recarga gestionada. Acuífero de la Cubeta de Santiuste (Castilla y León): 

Aquifer recharge is being tested and used as a water management tool in the Walla Walla catchment, Oregon. The final report documents the outcomes of the pilot trial from the Hudson Bay infiltration basin test site (Bower 2010):

Clogging monograph (released 2013 October) and opened to new contributions: 


DINA-MAR final book (in Spanish):


Aguas residuales. El recurso desaprovechado:



Efecto del regadío con aguas regeneradas sobre los suelos, acuíferos y cultivos. Resultados del proyecto de I+D+I EARSAC (in Spanish)


El regadío con aguas regeneradas. Efectos sobre suelos, acuíferos y cultivos. Guía para profesionales y usuarios finales (in Spanish).


Innovación en la Planificación y Gestión del Agua. El Grupo Tragsa y la Recarga Gestionada de Acuíferos (in Spanish).


Artificial Recharge of Groundwater in the World. IGRAC Report.11 april 2007:


Water and Climate Change: Impacts on groundwater resources and adaptationoptions.WB 2010.Water Working notes 55027.


Drivers and barriers for successful implementation of innovative Demeau technologies (Demeau project). Deliverable: D52.1:


Groundwater artificial recharge based on alternative sources of water: advanced integrated technologies and management. Gabardine project. Deliverable 31. Inventory of alternative water sources for each Test site:


Managed Aquifer Recharge and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: Water Security through Resilience. 2020-WP-01. IWR:


Managed Aquifer Recharge for Water Resilience. Edited by: Peter Dillon, Enrique Fernández Escalante, Sharon B. Megdal and Gudrun Massmann. ISMAR 10 papers selection. ISBN 978-3-03943-042-0 (Hbk) ISBN 978-3-03943-043-7 (PDF).


LNEC Portugal:

Deliverable 5.1. Test sites and their characteristics:


MARSOL project deliverables. Demonstrating Managed Aquifer Recharge as a Solution to Water Scarcity and Drought:


5.3 Appropriate MAR methodology and tested knowhow for the general rural development:


5.4 Managed Aquifer Recharge to Combat Groundwater Overexploitation at the Los Arenales Site, Castilla y León, Spain:


12.1- Water budget and climate change Impact. 69 pg:


12.7 White Book on MAR Modeling Selected Results from the MARSOL Project:


13.1- MAR Technical Solutions. Review and Bata Base.110 pg:


13.3- MAR Design and Construction Criteria". 90 pg. Project deliverable, 31 October 2016; activity type: report DEM; WP 13:


13.4 Benchmarks Evolution, Pooling and Practical Results:


15.2 Economic Analysis of MAR Technologies – Report:


17.1- Legislative Framework Review and Analysis. Francesca Capone, Matteo E. Bonfanti, SSSA. 50 pg:


Feasibility of implementing managed aquifer recharge schemes for agricultural purposes:


Feasibility of managed aquifer recharge for agriculture:


Groundwater around the world:


Guideline for assessment and implementation of Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) in (semi-)arid regions. Pre-feasibility study for infiltration of floodwater in the Amman-Zarqa and Azraq basins, Jordan. MWI, BGR, 2012:


Groundwater Policy and Governance. Nº.5:


Groundwater resources and managed aquifer recharge publications Waterlines reports Water for Australia’s arid zone – identifying and assessing Australia’s palaeovalley groundwater resources: summary report - Waterlines No 86, August 2012:


Manual on Artificial Recharge of Ground Water. Central Ground Water Board, CGWB (2007):


Optimising groundwater - MAR potential in Victoria (2016):



Integrated Management of rainwater in built-up environment.In Spanish and in English:

English: English.pdf

Spanish: La gestión integral del agua de lluvia en entornos edificados.

New edition in Spanish: La gestión integral del agua de lluvia en entornos humanizados. Cuaderno tecnológico


ISMAR 5 proceedingsbook:


ISMAR 6 proceedings book:


ISMAR 7 proceedings book. Achieving Groundwater Supply Sustainability & Reliability Through Managed Aquifer Recharge:


ISMAR 10 proceedings book. Managed Aquifer Recharge: Local solutions to the global water crisis:


Aquifer storage and recovery. Future directions for South Australia:


MAR and urban stormwater:


Managed aquifer recharge:


A Water Quality Guide to MAR in India-2014:


Managed aquifer recharge: An introduction Waterlines report No 13 - February 2009. CSIRO under its Water for a Healthy Country Flagship program:


Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) as a Tool for Managing Water Quality and Quantity Issues:


Managed and Natural Aquifer Recharge Geophysics. FastTIMES. Volume 24, Number 2, 2019 (July):


Hinks/Hekeao Plains Technical overview-Subregional Plan Development Process. Golder, 114 pg:


Managed aquifer recharge-examples of success. Including Australia National Standards: Australia has established a number of regulatory policy and feasibility tools to support the safe and economical implementation of MAR throughout Australia. CSIRO National Flagship Programme:


Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling: Managing Health and Environmental Risks (Phase 2) - managed aquifer recharge (July 2009):


Management of aquifer recharge / discharge processes and aquifer equilibrium states. No.4:


Management of Aquifer Recharge and Subsurface Storage (link restored):


Manejo de la recarga de acuíferos: un enfoque hacia Latinoamérica 2017:


P-ISMAR series: Posters from the last five International symposium on Managed Aquifer Recharge (P-ISMAR):

P-ISAR 4: 








Using Isotopes for Design and Monitoring of Artificial Recharge Systems. IAEA tecdoc series.TECDOC No. 1723.International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, 2013:


Pre-feasibility assessment of managed aquifer recharge in the Botany aquifer Pre-feasibility assessment of managed aquifer recharge in the Botany aquifer November 2006:


Preliminary feasibility assessment planning studies for managed aquifer recharge in urban cities


Progress in managed aquifer recharge in Australia.SKM-CSIRO. Waterlines report No 73 - March 2012


Rechargeable sustainability. The key is the storage" / “Sostenibilidad recargable. La llave en el almacén”: (in English and Spanish):


Robust policy design for managed aquifer recharge Waterlines report no 38 - January 2011:


Strategies for MAR in semi-arid areas (in English).Ian Gale (Ed), UNESCO: and

and in Spanish: Estrategias para la Gestión de Acuíferos (GRA) en zonas semiáridas:


ASR - UK: Elucidating the hydrogeological issues associated with aquifer storage and recovery in the UK:


Las ciencias ancestrales como mecanismo de adaptación al cambio climático. (in Spanish). Ing. Gonzaga Ayala et al. Bolivia 2015: las ciencias ancestrales_completo.pdf (2,06 mb)


Las amunas de Huarochirí. Recarga de acuíferos en los Andes. D. Apaza et al, Perú, 2006. Ppt resumen del libro (in Spanish):


Potable Reuse Research Compilation: Synthesis of Findings:


White paper: FLOOD-MAR Using Flood Water for Managed Aquifer Recharge to Support Sustainable Water Resources:


Diagnóstico de metodología para la presentación y análisis de proyectos de recarga artificial de acuíferos. Informe final. AMPHOS 21. Santiago, Diciembre 2014:




Annotated bibliography on artificial recharge of ground water through 1954. Water Supply Paper 1477:


Annotated bibliography on artificial recharge of ground water, 1955-67:


Artificial recharge in Oregon and Washington, 1962:


Evolving Issues and Practices in managing Ground-Water Resources. Case studies on the Role of Science. Circular 1247 USGS.83 pg:


Sustainable Groundwater Development: The United States Geological survey wrote a seminal paper on sustainable groundwater management (1999):


U.S. Geological Survey Artificial Recharge Workshop Proceedings, April 2-4, 2002, Sacramento, California:


Aquifer Storage and Recovery Pilot Test at Sonoma Test Well #6A. Technical Report:


Uso seguro de aguas residuales en la agricultura: ejemplos de buenas practicas:



Survey of conjunctive use and artificial recharge activity in the United States (1984):


Farmington Groundwater Recharge Demonstration Project. Site #1 – SJAFCA Detention Basin #1 San Joaquin County, California (2003):


Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: Water Security through Resilience (2020):


Prospects for Managed Underground Storage of Recoverable

Water (2008): (log-in required)


Conjunctive Management and Groundwater Storage:


Review of the Everglades Aquifer Storage and Recovery Regional Study (2015):




Recarga artificial de acuíferos en cuencas fluviales. Aspectos cualitativos y medioambientales: Criterios técnicos derivados de la experiencia en la Cubeta de Santiuste (Segovia). Fernández Escalante, Enrique (in Spanish):


Recarga artificial de acuíferos mediante pozos de infiltración. Cortez Salvo, Freddy Javier (in Spanish):


Tapping into underground water solutions. Related information:


Increasing freshwater recovery upon aquifer storage. Zuurbier, K.G. (English):


Risk Assessment and Risk Management in Managed Aquifer Recharge and Recycled Water Reuse: The Case of Sabadell. Neus Ayuso:


Water recycling(NEPC):




Guía Metodológica marco operativo para proyectos de recarga artificial de acuíferos. CNR-CSIRO Chile (in Spanish): 

A check list…


AR booklet:


BSMAR proceedings books:


CGIAR books: 


IWMI, Managed Aquifer Recharge. The solution for water shortages in the Fergana Valley:


GRIPP: Integrated Groundwater Management:


LNEC Portugal papers and deliverables:


Prior Symposia Proceedings:

11th BSMAR 2003 Symposium Proceedings

10th BSMAR 2001 Artificial Recharge and Integrated Water Management

9th BSMAR 1999 Artificial Recharge and Integrated Water Management

8th BSMAR 1997 Recharge for the People

7th BSMAR 1995 The Role of Recharge in Integrated Water Management

6th BSMAR 1993 Purpose, Problems and Progress

5th BSMAR 1990 Challenges of the 1990s


Recarga-y-gestion-de-embalses-subterráneos/ Recharge and management of underground dams. Revista Vertiente Chile. nº 13. Monográfico sobre recarga artificial (in Spanish):


Monitoreo y gestión del agua. Revista Vertiente, edición nº 14 de Octubre de 2013



ISMAR 5. 2005. Abstract book:


ISMAR 10. 2019. Abstract book:

Health risks in aquifer recharge using reclaimed water - State of the art report (WSH). Edited by R. Aertgeerts and A. Angelakis:

Natural Recharge of Groundwater 2000




Adelaide Plains groundwater study:

Aquifer Recharge:

Broken Hill managed aquifer recharge project (BHMAR) - NSW, Australia: 

Clogging Management for Managed Aquifer Recharge System in Bangladesh: Performed by Md. Mahadi Hasan:


Hydrological constraints to managed aquifer recharge in the Indo-Gangetic plains by SA Prathapar:

Hydropolis 2012 - Nambeelup Managed Aquifer Recharge (P11):

Managed aquifer recharge and stormwater use options (MARSUO):

Managed aquifer recharge - experiences in Western Australia:

Managed aquifer recharge and recycling options project:


National Water Research Institute Symposium:

Popular Aquifer & Groundwater recharge videos:

Rain water harvesting and recharging water:

Real-time Monitoring of Managed Aquifer Recharge.CITRIS

Recharge well - Rainwater harvesting for aquifer recharge:

Recharging aquifers. Zenrainman:

Underground Fresh Water Storage a cross country learning:

Water governance for managed aquifer recharge:


Hinds Catchment Plan Change – Nitrogen loads, rules application: 



IGRAC (International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre).


EC funded projects related to MAR total or partially.

All of them have important releases and books


UNESCO - International Hydrological Programme

CSIRO Land and Water

China MAR:

Aquifer storage and recovery

IWMI. (specially for Asia).

South Africa's Artificial Recharge Information Centre.

Activities in emergent countries

Aquifer recharging can help stanch drought. Oregon is successfully capturing runoff to underground storage.

Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR). Hinds Plains – Overview and Pilot Project Discussion.

Water quality trial 'helping nature along (on the outreach side of things)

Operation of Groundwater Replenishment Schemes.

Cluster of links:


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